10 Gardening Gifts for Small Spaces

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We all have that one friend who lives in the city and refuses to move into a bigger apartment, despite the piles of stuff lining the walls. So, what do you get that person who’s tight on space? The gift can’t be large, but it needs to be functional. Well, here are some great options for that stubborn friend of yours!

  1. Chef’s Companion Herb Caddy

Image of Gifts for Small Spaces

Perfect for the chef who wants fresh herbs, but doesn’t have an outdoor space!

  1. Juniper Bonsai Tree


Give this tranquil mini tree to the guy who needs a little less stress in his life.

  1. Red Kalanchoe Miniature Houseplant Set


These tiny plants will add some lively color to any small space (and you can keep one for yourself!).

  1. Succulent Terrarium Bowl

Image of Gifts for Small Spaces

Trendy and low maintenance, this was made with stylish youngsters in mind.

  1. Harvest Window Box


Give this window box to the hard-to-shop-for friend. She can design her own tiny garden!

  1. Live Decorated Spruce Tree

Image of Gifts for Small Spaces

What better gift than the gift of holiday cheer? Not only does this Christmas tree smell amazing, but it will also fit in the tiniest of spaces such as an apartment or dorm room!

  1. Self Watering Windowsill Planter


If you know someone who would forget his head if it weren’t attached, this self-watering planter will keep his plants alive when he forgets!

  1. Vertical Planting Pants


The ultimate space-saver, these panels are for the person who really doesn’t have any room to spare.

  1. Peppermint Twist Hydrangea


Image of Gifts for Small Spaces

This little shrub is the perfect way to bring the great outdoors in—especially when you’re low on space!

  1. Strawberry Patch Tower with Saucer


For the health-nut who wants to know exactly what’s going into her stomach!


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