8 Gardening Gifts for the Teacher

Have you ever thought about how much of your lifetime has been spent in class? The average American kid spends about 943 hours in Elementary school each year. That’s a lot of time spent multiplying fractions. It’s also a lot of time for teachers to bond with students and watch them grow.

Whether they’re helping us or our kids, we all know how important teachers are. Luckily, there is a way to show your teacher that you care—especially if your test scores say otherwise! The holidays are a great time to show teachers that we’re truly thankful for all of their guidance and encouragement. These 8 gifts are a surefire way to say thanks to your teacher!

  1. Muscari Bulb Garden


Give her the gift that keeps growing—hopefully just like your child’s grades!

  1. European Cypress


This all natural Christmas tree is the perfect size—and price—for your teaching friend!

  1. Carved Mango Owls


These cuties can sit right on her desk, keeping a watchful eye on the class.

  1. Live Decorated Christmas Tree


Any teacher would love to liven up the classroom with these festive trees. Plus, the chalkboard print won’t clash with the classroom décor!

  1. Rose Duo Set


These two roses will bring some color and cheer to the classroom!

  1. Amaryllis


Easy to grow, and it will add Christmas joy to those colorless winter months—without blowing your budget!

  1. Topiary


This lovely evergreen can grow for years! Plus, it’s an elegant and lively addition to any space—especially a teacher’s desk!

  1. Succulent Garden


This unique hanging garden will fascinate the class and the teacher! You’ll probably want one for yourself!


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