A Gift for the Not-so-Green-Thumbed

Image of Gift for the Not So Green ThumbedOne of the best things about gardening is the feeling of fulfillment that comes with creating something out of nothing—and it’s much easier than, say, creating children. A plant seems like the next best thing, plus it makes a great gift. Who doesn’t like fulfillment?

Well, you can actually give the gift of fulfillment this year! Obviously, gardening isn’t the hobby for everyone, and not everyone has a green thumb. But, you can always share your love of gardening with others, especially during the holidays.

This Waxed Amaryllis Bulb literally requires no effort. No soil. No water. Everything it needs to grow is already inside the waxed bulb. Yes, we know it’s unbelievable, but trust us—it’s real! The waxed bulb comes in so many warm and festive colors, and it’s wrapped in a decorative box. You don’t even have to do the wrapping! Talk about easy holiday shopping.

And it’s a great holiday gift for those who want gratification without the effort, and a cool way to share your love of all things green with the people you love. And let’s face it: every time your dad looks at that beautiful bloom that came from nothing, he’ll think of you and how you’re the best kid around.



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Kaitlin has been gardening for a couple of years, and has found her green thumb, which she possibly inherited from her grandmother. Fueling her interest in gardening is her passion for cooking and love of all things living. She's a writer for Jackson & Perkins, but in her free time enjoys running with her Cocker Spaniel, baking anything from scratch and reading books on mysterious subjects like psychology and finance.

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