Amaryllis Challenge Update

If you haven’t ordered your Amaryllis yet for this season, there is no time to waste! Amaryllis take around 8 weeks to bloom, so if you want to see that lovely color in time for Christmas, you need to get started as soon as possible.

My friends and I just ordered our Amaryllis, but haven’t received them yet. Once the growth gets underway I’ll share my updates on Instagram under #amaryllischallenge. Feel free to join us!

By the way, don’t let the “challenge” part intimidate you–you don’t have to be a seasoned horticulturist to have fun “racing” your Amaryllis. The event is more of a way to keep in touch with friends and relatives, and besides, quality Amaryllis bulbs are so ready to sprout that they require no pampering at all.

Papilio: One of J&P's most gorgeous new Amaryllis!

Papilio: One of J&P’s most gorgeous new Amaryllis!

Such is Amaryllis’ vigor that I have even seen them grow and bloom under the sink with almost no light! The foliage grew out a pale color, but that Am just couldn’t wait any longer! Sometimes it’s harder to keep an Amaryllis from growing than to convince it to.

Amaryllis bulbs are so easy to grow that even children or “brown thumbs” can grow them! About the only way to kill them is to try and grow them in water rather than in soil. While Hyacinths or paperwhites might grow well in water, Amaryllis roots need oxygen, and will smother in standing water. Of course, J&P’s Amaryllis gifts already come planted in soil, so it will only “drown” if severely overwatered.

Just place your Amaryllis in a sunny spot and water it occasionally (exactly how often depends on how humid the spot is), and it will do the rest! If you wish to save your Amaryllis for next year, it needs to get enough light, water, and good soil to replenish its food stores for next year. More detailed information on how to get your Amaryllis to bloom year after year is included in this blog.

Once your growth is underway, be sure to take daily pictures and share them with us. The countdown to bloom-time is always thrilling!



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