Bring Cheer All Year With a Plant Club Membership

Still Christmas shopping? You should consider giving a subscription–the gift that really keeps on giving!

Plant Clubs sent in the midst of bud and bloom.

Plant Clubs are sent out at the height of their beauty.

People love getting presents in the mail. Just look at the popularity of Monthly Subscription Boxes, where people sign up to get a mystery create every month full of various goodies. You can get a monthly subscription for just about anything nowadays–Food, Pet Food, Organic Food, Clothes, Fitness supplies, Geekery . . . you name it, someone will send you a monthly crate full of it!

These subscriptions boxes have a couple of great “Pros”–First, there is the joy of getting to open a new box every month. Secondly, they make great gifts because they can give give loved ones months and months of joy.

Hydrangea ready to be shipped out for Plant Clubs.

Hydrangea ready to be shipped out for Plant Clubs.

These crates also have a couple of serious “Cons” though–First, since it is a mystery what each crate contains, there is no guarantee that it will have something desirable in it. And secondly, because each crate comes with several items in it, your house could quickly fill up with junk you don’t want, making it look like an episode of Hoarders.

So don’t be caught up in the junk crate fad–go with a tried-and-true subscription gift instead, like Jackson & Perkins’ Plant & Bulb Club Memberships!

Plant or Bulb Club Memberships are the original subscription service, and they offer both of the “Pros” of Monthly Subscription gifts, with neither of the “Cons”. Because you know which plants you are getting ahead of time, you know the gift won’t be a dud.  And because the monthly deliveries are plants, not mass-produced products, they won’t crowd up your house–when their month is done they can go out into the garden, into another container or, if there is no room for them, into the compost pile. You can never have too much compost!

Bulb Club gifts are sent ready to sprout, which makes them exciting for those that like to watch plants grow, while Plant Club gifts (like the ones pictured here) are sent already in bloom, guaranteed to look great for their month in the spotlight!

Pepper plants at the height of their beauty--what a lovely gift!

Pepper Plants are sent full of fiery fruit!

J&P’s Plant & Bulb Club memberships are such delightful gifts because they are the most trouble-free way to give a whole year’s worth of beautiful blooms! Each membership includes a gift announcement and a lovely ceramic cachepot in addition to all the plants for the months you choose. And all these flowering plants come from a greenhouse that has been in the same family for generations and has a sterling reputation, so you can be assured of their quality!


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