9 Gifts for the First-Time Gardener

Because you’re tired of watching innocent plants die.

1. Stainless Steel hand Tool Set

Anyone can dig a hole, right? Well, maybe not the novice gardener, but these tools will help him dig a proper hole, and just maybe the seeds will forgive his black thumb.

2. Dynamite Plant Food

Ok, so if he can’t keep a plant alive with this magic food, then he should just give up. This stuff is the real deal and will keep even the mosts stubborn plants thriving.

3. Garden Trug

This basket will keep your gardening friend from fumbling around in the yard with a bunch of tools, fertilizer, soil and cut flowers. He can carry everything he needs, and he’ll look like he knows exactly what he’s doing (even though we both know he doesn’t).

4. Harvest Window Box

This little box is pretty cool. It’s the perfect size for small plants and herbs, and you can sit it right in the kitchen window, so the newbie won’t forget to water his plants.

5. Watering Can

Super cute, and super functional, this bee hive watering can is essential for the gardener who is determined to keep those plants alive—and he’ll look great while doing it!

6. Galvanized Steel Potting Bench

No, it’s not the kind of bench you sit on (be sure to inform the amateur). This potting bench is super sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Your friend will be able to use this well into his gardening journey!

7. Grip Gloves

Like we said, newbies tend to fumble. Keep your friend looking cool and collected with these slip-resistant gloves.

8. Garden Caddy

Again, don’t let your friend look ridiculous with tools and soil flying all over the place.

9. DIY Plant Terrarium

If you really don’t have any faith in your friend, this is the perfect gardening gift. It comes with directions, and was tested on a group of 8-year olds, so even the person with a black thumb can create a really cool indoor garden.


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Kaitlin has been gardening for a couple of years, and has found her green thumb, which she possibly inherited from her grandmother. Fueling her interest in gardening is her passion for cooking and love of all things living. She's a writer for Jackson & Perkins, but in her free time enjoys running with her Cocker Spaniel, baking anything from scratch and reading books on mysterious subjects like psychology and finance.

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