Flower Bulbs Make Gardening Easy

Crocus 'Pickwick'

They are beautiful. They are inexpensive. They are extremely low maintenance, and most of them will continue to come back every year, spreading and naturalizing in your garden. Flower bulbs should be one of your yearly gardening staples, a go-to problem solver.

They are so varied and adaptable – you can buy irises and lilies that will grow in standing water or perhaps a tulip, crocus, or hyacinth cultivated in dry Mediterranean climates. These plants will stand up to the toughest droughts. Bulbs can be a hardy practical way to fill dull spots in your landscape design.

Because the bloom seasons vary, you can create a bulb garden that is always full of blooms and constantly changing throughout the year. This can be difficult if you are buying your bulbs from a bin – you may want to ask your local nursery attendant for assistance, but if you are shopping for garden bulbs online, Jackson & Perkins will always include approximate bloom times in the product descriptions.

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