Lavender: a Sweet-Scented Living Gift


A package arrives on your aunt’s, wife’s, sister’s, daughter’s, or mother’s stoop from Jackson & Perkins®. She’s already excited, but as she opens the box the sweet smell of lavender floods the room. If she’s anything like my mother, she is speechless, smiling and crying at the same time. It works every time, no matter how simple the gift — mothers knowing that they haven’t been taken for granted. Show your appreciation this Mother’s Day with a beautiful pot of Lavender, in full bloom, ready for the mother in your life to show off to all her friends.

The sweet smell of lavender gives the gift a little more impact, and live plants are great, long-lasting, practical gifts. Lavender enjoys full sun and will adjust happily if moved to the garden. The fragrance is also attractive to bees and other pollinators, which nurtures the rest of your garden. The sweet flowers are edible and can be candied. They are often used in pastries and cake decorating.

The Sweet Scented Lavender Gift is beautiful, fun, and practical, a lasting reminder that will live years after a simple bouquet of cut flowers are faded and forgotten.


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