Peace Rose: A Real Winner

Peace Rose

This is a neat little hybrid tea with a powerful history.  It was given the name ‘Peace’ in 1945, the day that Berlin fell to the allies. The Field Marshal Alan Brooke, who orchestrated the strategy that defeated the Germans, was offered a chance to be the rose’s namesake by the breeder, French horticulturist Francis Meilland. But Brooke decline the honor because he thought the name ‘Peace’ would be much more enduring. He must have known what he was talking about because ‘Peace’ is currently the most famous and widely grown garden rose in the world..

The rose has a subtle but sweet fragrance, and the blooms range from a creamy white to a delicate orange  — they are usually yellow. The bright foliage contrasts playfully with the deep green foliage. The plant is modest yet elegant, aptly named and the deserving of the notoriety it has received over the past 6 decades.


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