Quick Guide to Watering Roses

Roses love water – they can be some of the thirstiest plants in your garden. The local climate and soil type can affect the moisture needs of an individual plant. You will have to come up with your own watering schedule, but the important thing to remember is regularity. An inconsistent watering schedule can be as damaging to your plant as heavy rains or drought.

Always water deeply – light waterings lead to shallow roots and weak plants. If you soak the ground the roots will grow deep and the plant will become strong an established. Water at the base – overhead watering will lead to wet leaves and a proclivity to fungus and disease. Watering at the base also ensure that the plant directly receives enough moisture.

Water well when the plant is young to ensure more resilience later on. An established rose bush with a deep root system will fair better against sudden changes in moisture levels, thriving through tough droughts and heavy storms.


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