Have You Seen Our New 2014 Rose Introductions Yet?

Since 1901, Jackson and Perkins has been bringing beautiful and unique roses of superior quality to the gardening world. It’s not simply business—it’s a way of life. And now, over a century later, roses are still our greatest love. This year, we proudly introduced 6 sensational new roses: 3 gorgeous floribundas, 2 stunning hybrid teas, and one outstanding shrub rose!

Jackson and Perkins’ exclusive rose varieties have been bred to exhibit the most preferred characteristics for rose gardeners. It takes many years to develop a single variety, and our rose breeders have painstakingly evaluated, tested, and grown superior new genetic features into each new rose. Hardiness, disease resistance, gorgeous blooms, plant shape and density, and fragrance are just some of the points of focus. Every step along the way is carefully monitored to make sure that we only bring our customers the best roses possible, ensuring they’ll grace gardens for years to come with minimal care and maximum satisfaction.

Many of you may have already seen, or even purchased, this year’s introductions, but for those who have not, here they are!

You will become immediately infatuated with our 2014 Floribunda of the Year®, ‘Crush on You’, as soon as its bright red blooms begin to appear in the summer garden. Each exquisitely formed, 3½-inch flower is comprised of between 15 and 20 spice-scented petals, and they arise in brilliant clusters that are just perfect for displaying in vases.

The healthy glossy, dark green foliage is very attractive even when not adorned with the brightly colored flowers, and its size (just 4 feet high and 3 feet wide at maturity) makes it ideal for a variety of uses, from inclusion in sunny beds and borders to low hedges and even large patio containers. And of course, it is exactly the rose you will want in your cut garden. The sheer bloom power of this floribunda will amaze you! This beauty is hardy in zones 5-9.


“Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, starlight and dewdrops are awaiting thee.” Our 2014 Rose of the Year® shares its name with that classic parlor song by Stephen Foster, and the simple beauty and timeless appeal of its delicate blooms make it obvious why!

The elegant, lightly licorice-scented, 5-inch blossoms are packed with 35 to 40 pink to coral petals displaying a slightly lighter reverse. They open slowly and evenly from attractive peach-colored buds, arising on beautiful, strong, 14- to 16-inch stems, making ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ ideal for the cut garden. And once the flowers are open, they hold their form and petals very well, simply improving with age!

If all this weren’t enough, ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ impresses with its lovely habit of thin, dark green, 1- to 2-inch leaves. And it’s proven to be highly disease resistant, especially to powdery mildew. It truly is no wonder ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ was selected as the latest Rose of the Year®! We’ve found it to be a pure joy to grow and believe you’ll feel the same way! Hardy in zones 5-10.

Give your guests a warm welcome with this charming new rose! Like drops of golden sunlight, clusters of yellow, spice-scented, 3-inch blossoms appear throughout the season, opening from lovely pointed buds and inviting visitors to delight in the 15 delicately ruffled petals and enticing fragrance. Like all floribundas, they grow in clusters, so one snip will give you a sensational bouquet to brighten your home.

The attractive shrub is wrapped in glossy, dark green leaves from which the flowers stand out like beacons in the night! Reaching a mature size of just 4 feet high and 3 feet wide, it will make a stunning addition to your beds, borders, and hedges, as well as patio containers, growing more and more dazzling with each passing year. This is one rose you do not want to miss! Zones 5-9.

This rose is a celebration of time-honored floral beauty! Lovely pointed buds slowly unfurl to reveal fully double, 3½-inch blooms packed with 20 perfectly formed petals that are saturated with a delicate shade of lavender-pink as well as an unforgettable spicy perfume.

Like all floribundas, the blossoms arise in clusters, creating dazzling bouquets that can be snipped for indoor arrangements or enjoyed throughout the summer right in the garden!

‘Wedding Party’ is equally suited to containers and the garden, its manageable size of only 2½ feet high and 3 feet wide making it a perfect candidate for patio growing as well as beds and borders or even low hedges. Even when it’s not in bloom, it’s still attractive, the glossy, dark green leaves bringing lovely color to any setting. Zones 5-9.

Nothing says summer like large, sunny rose blossoms! ‘Summer Surprise’ sets the garden ablaze with 5-inch, clove-scented blooms of a gorgeous orange and yellow. But don’t think they begin and end the same color. Instead, they change as they mature, starting off yellow with lovely orange edging, but finishing as a wonderful blend of both cheerful colors! They are an absolute joy to watch!

Each bloom is comprised of around 25 petals and set atop 14- to 16-inch stems just perfect for cutting. And you will definitely want to cut a few, so their delightful fragrance can perfume your home!

Even when not in bloom, you’ll love having this rose growing in your garden. The semi-glossy, dark green foliage is very attractive, and its size (4½ feet high and 3 feet wide) makes it ideal for a variety of uses, from inclusion in sunny beds and borders to hedges and even large containers. Your garden deserves a ‘Summer Surprise’! Zones 5-10.

Boasting exceptional performance in the landscape, ‘Dependable Beauty’ lives up to its name, performing well without the need for any pampering. The pink, 3-inch blooms hang frilly and loose, with their golden centers peeking out from beneath the petals. Each bloom has 8 to 10 ruffled petals and opens from an attractive pointed bud. The leaves are finely serrate and generously edged in crimson.

The blooms offer shades of pure pink, covering the tidy mound of matte, medium green foliage that’s quite attractive in its own right. It’s perfect for mixed borders and beds, and with a mature size 3 feet high and 4 feet wide, is small enough to plant near walkways and in other tight spots. It makes a beautiful container plant as well! Zones 6-9.

We’re confident these new roses will become favorites in your garden! And once you’ve graced your landscape with their beauty, we’d love to see pictures. Feel free to send photos of these varieties or anything else you’ve grown to our Customers’ Showcase Photo Gallery!


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