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The Benefits of Growing Perennials


The most obvious benefit to most gardeners is that perennials don’t need to be replanted every year. They save time and work, all the while becoming bigger, fuller, and generally more attractive with age. They give a garden permanent structure, ultimately defining its themes and character. If plants are the garden’s wardrobe, annuals might be thought of as accessories — belts, purses, shoes, and ties — while perennials are the blouse and slacks of the ensemble, the meat of the burger, the cake under the icing, the trusses supporting your bridge of landscape design.

Perennials have deep roots that prevent your soil from washing away. They hold much-needed nutrients in the soil while out-competing pesky weeds, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and weed killers. Perennials will last through tough weather that will most likely roast or freeze most annuals, allowing the garden to retain some of its beauty in the worst of times.


Jackson & Perkins® has the finest collection of perennial garden plants in the US. We offer both Sun Perennials and Shade Perennials to fit your specific garden needs. If you are looking to dress your garden well, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start.


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