‘Tis the Season for Giving

David wilson giving gift plants to a local Shriner's Club.

David Wilson making a donation to the local Shriner's Club.At the end of every holiday season, Jackson and Perkins inevitably has some living gifts left over–a few varieties that just didn’t sell out for one reason or another. Why let these beautiful plants go to waste when they could be brightening someone’s holiday instead? This season’s all about giving!

That’s why a few employees at Jackson and Perkins  take time out of their own lives every year to load up excess Amaryllis Gifts and Decorated Trees and donate them to the local community here in upstate South Carolina. Hospitals, schools, career centers, retirement homes, and more have all happily accepted the donations. Now instead of these lovely plants turning into compost, they get to brighten people’s rooms and bring them joy just in time for Christmas!

Today J&P’s SEO Guru David Wilson (far right) just delivered 1500 Gifts to the local Shriner’s club to brighten their holidays. We hope they all go to loving homes!

Happy Holidays!



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