What a Splendid Parade!

Last weekend most people were talking about Christian McCaffrey’s record-breaking performance during the rose bowl game or the rogue skywriters hanging anti-Trump messages in the air, but all the true plant geeks (like me) had their eyes on the parade.

The opulent floral floats in the parade represent millions of dollars of investment, thousands of hours of work, and millions upon millions of flowers, foliage plants, and seeds. Most of the floats are covered from head to toe in greenery and blooms—in fact, most of these floats used more plants than the average florist goes through in 5 years! With 42 floral floats in all, the rose garden represents one of the world’s biggest and most elaborate gardens, all paraded down the street!

Check out some footage of the magnificent floats in this video:


All those beautiful blooms have me anxiously awaiting the spring, when I can get back in my own garden and start enjoying the sights and smells again. Maybe I’ll try out some new roses . . .


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