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Why We Really Love the Holidays

By November 30, 2015 History No Comments

I’ve come to the conclusion that I only really enjoy something if it is food, involves food, smells like food, or reminds me of food. It’s the reason I go to work: free Chic fil-a trays, fresh donuts, and baked goods sometimes make an appearance. It’s a huge factor in deciding which group of friends or family I’m going to hang out with: “Oh, you’re ordering pizza? My mom’s making a roast….Soooo, bye.”

Of course food is the most important part of the holidays—besides spending quality time with your loved ones, I guess. But, I also enjoy the beauty of the holidays: the blanket of snow that rarely makes its way to South Carolina, the warmth of the fire burning in the evenings, hot cocoa with tiny marshmallows, and the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

With the winter months approaching and the decorations emerging, I’ve recently realized why I really enjoy the “beauty” of the season—everything looks like food, and I have the proof.

  1. Christmas Trees = Supreme Pizza

v1972 (1)Pizza With Tomato, Salami And Olives

I mean, come on, this has to be intentional. Ancient pizza companies must’ve created the tradition of decorating a tree to look like the food they sell. Talk about subliminal marketing.

  1. Snow = Powered Sugar

Red bird house hanging outdoors in winter covered with snowItalian Canestrelli Biscuits Sprinkled With Powdered Sugar With

Ok, so this one is pretty obvious. But maybe it’s not to us southern folk, who only really get to see icy clumps that have mostly melted by the time we wake up.

  1. Poinsettias = Tomatoes

Image of PoinsettiaImage of Why We Love Christmas


Tomatoes might not be your vegetable (fruit?) of choice, but they’re food. And they’re resemblance to poinsettias just makes me crave a Caprese salad around Christmas.

  1. Snow Men = Ice Cream Scoops

Happy snowman standing in the park wearing a hatVanilla Ice Cream

If you are a ninja with an ice cream scoop and your scoops come out perfectly every single time, then you’ve probably already noticed the uncanny likeness. Unfortunately, my scooping abilities are similar to those of a fish, so I’m just now catching on.

  1. Amaryllis = Strawberry Cheescake


Amaryllisstrawberry cake on the cake stand

This one takes a little imagination, but it can’t be argued that from now on every time you see an Amaryllis around Christmas you’re going to think about this cheesecake.

  1. Garland = A Heavily Relished Hot Dog

GarlandHot Dogs

Not that relish is my topping of choice for a hotdog, but I do love pickles, which also looks like garland. Isn’t this getting ridiculous? EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE FOOD.

  1. Cyclamen = Reddi-whip

White Cyclamen

Swirl of whipped cream in a cup









I feel like I’ve made my point.

These aren’t the only things that look like food. How about all of the cookies that are in the shapes of Christmas things: wreaths, ornaments, gingerbread men, gingerbread houses, mittens, and stockings. The Christmas tradition-starters were obviously obsessed with food—not that I’m complaining.



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